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If you want Luggage that has been well crafted with a classical strong look, Kenneth Cole is the right choice for you. These bags are sleek and straight forward with exquisite detailing. Frequently you will find these bags in leather or canvas. They range in tones from sultry blacks and grays to soft, warm brown tones. There are even some breathtaking red and white bags for those of us who are feeling a bit more adventurous and bold.

These are bags made by a company that has 20 years of experience working with leather. They have traveled the world and are a major player in the fashion scene today. They know what is in style and have a strong sense of their own look. They are resourceful and innovative.

On top of what they can do for you, this company participates in a number of important charities that help a lot of good people. So with them you will not only be getting an amazing piece of luggage that will make your friends and strangers alike stop and stare, You will also be giving back to your community and helping people in need. What could feel better than traveling in style, looking great, and feeling good about participating in a worthy cause You will truly have class from every angle.

Price range: new- about $40/$50-$350/$400

Kenneth Cole Luggage