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This is a look that is for the all American in all of us. It is at once both failure and innovative. The designer, Kate Spade, grew up in the Midwest (Kansas City, MO) and the all American girl touch has carried with her all the way into her style.

These are not your daughter`s 'trendy' purses. They are classical bags for refined women would want something beautiful to travel with. As a result they are timeless and you will never find yourself out in public feeling out of style with them traveling by your side. Any proper and refined woman would be stunning with one of these bags accompanying her on her travels.

She created these practical and stylish bags when she noticed that the fashion industry was lacking an abundance of them. She took her love of simple silhouettes, combined with her innovative use of fabrics and created a stunning new collection that was truly a style of her own. With fingers crossed Kate Spade designs opened up in 1993 and has been offering you the best these innovators have to offer ever since. These award winning bags can be a classical addition to your wardrobe today.

The bags are lovingly made and designed with no detail missed. As a result of their quality they range in price from a few hundred to 7 or 8 hundred dollars. Certainly not a purchase you would make everyday. But then, they will last you a lifetime and so they are really more of an investment. Find the right bag for you to help you express your refined side.

Kate Spade Luggage