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Eddie Bauer, while still having a very high standard for quality, is in the more affordable price range of designer products on the market. While still classic and beautiful they are also associated with comfort, durability, and the more laid back side of life.

These luggage sets are a bit more sporty and are highly durable. You can look stylish whether you are going to New York or hiking into the great unknown. Just because you like to be active and have an adventure now and then in the great outdoors doesn't mean you don't love to look your best and can't look stylish at the same time as indulging your sportier side.

Many of these bags are made to be water proof. They will get your items to wherever it is your life has taken you in the same condition as when you left. They are such reliable bags, you will never have to worry about your belongings while traveling again.

Another fantastic thing about Eddie Bauer is that they have sales all the time. This means style for a much more affordable ticket price. You can look great with reliable luggage while having money left over to go on the trip you were buying the luggage for in the first place. Being able to get the most from your hard earned money while still indulging in something special for all your hard work -Isn't that what we all want?

Eddie Bauer Luggage